Discover How to Get Rockstar Results With Only Three 45 Minute Workouts per Week!
Discover How to Get Rockstar Results With Only Three 45 Minute Workouts per Week!
A brand new Jessie’s Girls fitness challenge is HERE and it
kicks off September 23! 
It’s everything Jessie’s Girls – muscle-building, fat-burning, and the strongest female-only community out there BUT this time…it’s made for even the busiest of schedules.

Your calendar may be full but I know your fitness goals are still a priority, so this fall I am bringing you an all new 4-week challenge that you can tackle in only 45 minutes or less a day. 

Say What?! A busy mom's or boss babe’s dream, RIGHT?!

The #FlexWithJessie Challenge starts in just a couple of weeks (September 23rd to be exact), so make sure you sign up before September 20th

You’ll be training 3 times per week, with tons of bonus content. It also means you get to join my private, female-only Facebook group where I’ll be dropping in each week to give you tips and a mega dose of motivation just for the Flex With Jessie Challenge!

The best part? You’re not doing it alone. 

Join Jessie Hilgenberg, your #JESSIESGIRLS Ambassadors, as well as hundreds of women who are ready to #FlexWithJessie for 4 weeks and become your besties for life supporting your journey! Lets get LBD holiday party ready together while you crush it in the office or chauffeur the kids to soccer practice, or both! Join me and a group of badass ladies making it happen just like you. 

Sign up today to secure your spot and get access the Facebook group. 

XOXO, Jessie Hilgenberg

THREE Flex With Jessie challenge WINNERS WILL RECEIVE:
  • $1,000 in prize money
  • ​A Jessie’s Girls swag bag with over $200 in apparel
  • ​Workout accessories and NLA for Her supplements
  • $400 in prize money
  • ​A Jessie’s Girls swag bag with over $100 in apparel
  • ​Workout accessories and NLA for Her supplements
  • $100 in prize money
  • ​A Jessie’s Girls swag bag with over $100 in apparel and NLA for Her supplements

This is a BRAND NEW never been seen before workout program from Jessie! 

Each week of the Flex With Jessie challenge is designed to keep you motivated to have the best workouts of your life - without it taking over your life - while you torch fat and build muscle from the gym or home!

What You're Going to Get When You Join:
  • 4 weeks of 45-minute, 3x per week FAT-TORCHING, muscle building workouts: I've designed these BRAND NEW workouts to give you the results you want in a fraction of the time it normally takes...without spending hours in the gym and overwhelming your already-packed schedule. 
  • Supplemental Cardio Plan: You're also going to receive optional HIIT and steady state cardio instructions to supplement your weight training so you can show off that hard-earned muscle, improve your results, and make you feel amazing. 
  • Minimal Home Gym Equipment List: You're going to receive my super simple home gym equipment list so you'll know what equipment you'll need in order to pump out rockstar Jessie's Girls results from your living room.
  • Weekly Facebook Live Events: Each week Jessie will go live in the challenge Facebook group with full length workouts, exercise demos, program education, and fun!
  • ​Access to TWO Private Female-Only Facebook Groups: Inside these amazing groups of badass women, you'll be able to post your progress, look for motivation, ask questions, and get all the support you could ever imagine! Jessie and the Jessie’s Girls Ambassadors will be in the groups with you mentoring you closely and providing the motivation and accountability we all need.
  • ​​Become a lifetime member of #JESSIESGIRLS: Signing up for this challenge grants you access to the Jessie's Girls private Facebook page...which means you are a part of this incredible tribe of women for LIFE!
Total Value: $1,497
Your Investment: $129

What You'll Need:

Besides your beautiful face and your commitment to 4-weeks of progress, not much! You will receive all of your workouts so you know exactly what to do, plus the Facebook group will be there for you to help with any exercises or workout questions. 

You’ll need a gym membership or, if you’re joining us from home, just some basic equipment for the home version of the Challenge! A bench or box, medicine ball, jump rope, workout bands, a doorway pull up bar, slider plates, exercise ball, and a few dumbbells are all you need to kick ass in this challenge from home! Missing any of these items? No worries! Jessie and the Jessie's Girls Ambassadors will help you modify the workouts.

Check Out Past Jessie’s Girls Fitness Challenge Transformations!
Beth Seiferth, 30
The Challenge was amazing, not just for my physical health, but also for my mental and emotional health. It changed my relationship with food and exercise for the better. It made me realize balance is attainable. I learned how to give myself grace, but not let it become excuses. Jessie has created such a supportive and empowering environment for women. 
Melissa Markowski, 40
This challenge has changed my entire family, from new eating habits to family weight lifting sessions. The best part about was getting to know some amazing women, they are like distant besties with the best lifestyle in common. I couldn’t get over how involved Jessie is with her girls, constantly motivating them to be their best! So Much Love 💜
Karen Petrini, 58
The challenge was special to me because it helped me overcome mental and physical obstacles and forced me to stop making excuses. I pushed myself to try moves I haven't done since ACL surgery, some of them mental. The physical boundaries were pushed, and the sweat was real. Fear is a liar! Try something that scares you! Keep lifting ladies!
Brooke Carter, 38
For years I struggled to stick with a training program. Going to extreme measures to “be thin” and even struggled with an eating disorder. Embracing this program and LOVING THE PROCESS has been life changing. Jessie said it best when she said “you’re glowing brighter and stronger than ever”. It’s like a light switch turned on and I found a way to love myself again. ❤️❤️❤️
Christa Colton, 37
You will never meet a more welcoming group of women who are here to support you on your journey, no matter what your starting point is. Trust the process! Everyone’s body is different but if you put in the work and follow the programs you will see results. 
You got this!
Abby Raper, 40
The challenge helped me find the balance in my life that I so needed to get back. Balance with food and more importantly beverages. I was losing that self control with over doing it. I used this challenge as a platform to remind myself that I am strong and capable. I'm proud of myself for fighting through inner self battles and not giving up. To keep loving me and keep encouraging others to do so as well. 
You might be saying to yourself... 

“This looks amazing, but it sounds like it might be hard to follow and stick with.”
I've taken all of the feedback that Jessie's Girls have given me over the years and dropped it into what I believe is the easiest to follow and easiest for a busy schedule program available that still gives you everything you need for body-chiseling results.

"I'm trying to juggle little kiddos, a full time job, time with my husband and time for myself and I don't know if I can fit in a workout program right now."
Being a Mom and Wife, running Jessie Fitness, and trying to find a few quiet moments to myself every week led me to going back to the drawing board and re-designing my own program to fit into my CRAZY schedule. I've designed this new program that gives you everything you need to use to accomplish your fitness goals as well as keep a balanced life.

"I want to make sure that I have time to get in my cardio outside of my weight training and not sure if this will work for me."
This program is designed to give you the flexibility to get in any other exercises/training that you want to incorporate in your life every week. Your weight training will only require three 45 minute sessions per week.

"My free time is scarce! I only have 1 hour of it before work and I'm not sure if I can fit this in."
This is absolutely perfect for you, then. This program is an amazing way to start your day 3 times a week that will take less than 1 hour for each workout and still get you rockstar results!

"I don't have a gym membership. Will I still be able to use the program?"
Definitely! I've designed this program to give you the flexibility to either use it in a gym or inside your home as long as you have a few easy to acquire pieces of equipment.

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